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far away
Petyr and are nominally trying to get along these days. Therefore, lately I've been breaking into the library lately and hanging out there when it seems like I'll probably staying up until 5:30 am for no good reason.

Most nights I'm alone, but sometimes I can hear groups of people in the stacks. I've never confronted them, whoever they are, because I'd clearly be outnumbered. They're always too far away from me to hear anything useful.

I should leave it alone; I'm 99% sure that it's one of the secret societies, and my research indicates that the majority of them are benign enough anyway. Curiosity is probably going to get the better of me one of these days. Maybe I should talk about this with Catelyn.

Or I should sleep normal hours.

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I hate parties
I had a strange evening. The Westeros High reunion party was entertaining (which I was expecting), and I had a decently friendly conversation with Baelish (which I was not.) I guess that bodes well. At least I have more resources at more disposal than strained silence. Good to know.

I got home pretty late- though not as late as Petyr, and thanks to time zone differences, discovered that Mella was on Skype. We talked, and it was all very amicable. I'm not sure why we insist on talking so frequently, so seemingly normally. It seems we both want to seem like we're on good terms, and for the most part we are. Sometimes it's like we never broke up. Frankly, it's like we never dated in the first place. It's more than a little confusing. I can't act like I have considered some ridiculous conciliatory gestures. Flying out to her and just staying there. Except we lived together for half a year and that didn't work, so I don't know why I've convinced myself that going to see her now would change anything. Therefore, I'm ignoring that impulse completely and, to no one's surprise, focusing on my GPA.

I might delete this entry when I wake up. Just watch me.

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[Everything prior to this post is from the westeroshigh RP. Time jump two years now for westerosu

I have no use for three Petyrs
It's the truth
On the twelfth day of Christmas, doran_nymeros sent to me...
Twelve seaworths drumming
Eleven wolflikebronns piping
Ten badasslions a-leaping
Nine queenmakeraris dancing
Eight westeroshighmods a-milking
Seven braavosihighsuxs a-swimming
Six peachkings a-laying
Five re-e-e-edheadfishs
Four onthewatchtowers
Three masterofcoins
Two lightningzombies
...and a LiveJournal meme in a pear tree.
Get your own Twelve Days:

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This is hilarious, and a more than adequate example of why you shouldn't rely too much on just spell check.

In other news: Mellario is finally here. She showed up early last week, and I took her to the Water Gardens. This means that I did, in fact, skip school for the first time in years.

At one point I got a text message from my mom: "Apparently you have swine flu?" I texted back in the affirmative, and she wrote back: "just don't hurt yourself." My family is hilarious sometimes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've been online far too long...

Midterms are work and boredom, wrapped in red bull and insomnia
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Every teacher of mine appears to think their class is the only one I have. That is the only way to account for... anything.

Normally I wouldn't complain, but I have trouble concentrating this evening. Also; Mellario's coming to visit in a few weeks.

Those last two statements are not related at all.

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I am surrounded by morons
I forgot about this site for so long that I couldn't remember my password. When I asked to reset it, livejournal told me to prove I'm human.

I feel slightly offended now.

[Flocked: Family and close-ish friends.]
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Life in list form:

- Gregor Clegane has been arrested and may be locked away for good. How ... convenient.

- I've finished all of my college applications. Now I get to site back and wait and wait and wait. Until March. Great. At least I'm a pretty patient person.

- I'm trying to convince Mellario to come visit me soon. We'll see how that goes.

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I am surrounded by morons
Thoughts on why Petyr Baelish is so insistent on me dropping AP Government? It's likely he's just being... Baelish.

But I'm paranoid.

It's what I do.

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Recent events, positive and negative:

+ Finishing my essay for the common app.
- College applications in general, though.
+ Party at Alayaya.
+ Not really having a hangover the next day.
- Stupidity.
+ AP Government as a concept.
- AP Government in reality. (Specifically: with Ms. Redpriest as our teacher.)
- Attracting her attention at all, come to think of it.

She can't be our teacher permanently, right?


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